Thursday, 19 March 2009

Where are Uruguay and Paraguay? Don't ask Brazil

Everybody needs good neighbours, right? Perhaps someone ought to mention this to Brazil; they seem to have forgotten theirs. On a map released to primary school children in Sao Paulo, they've committed the ultimate error: Uruguay and Paraguay appear the wrong way around.

And that's not the only clanger. Paraguay also makes a second appearance in the middle of Bolivia and poor Ecuador has been missed off altogether.

Come on Sao Paulo! You may be Latin America's biggest city and within its biggest country, but don't forget the little guys!

Argentinean newspaper Clarin has been having a field day with the slip-up (above right). They report that textbooks featuring the map won't be retracted, although an amendment will be printed on the internet. That's fine then, as all school kids are clearly in the habit of double-checking all their textbook content online.