Friday, 6 March 2009

Local blogs for the weekend: part 2

Looking for some weekend reading? Try working your way through the shortlist for the Lonely Planet blog awards.

There are some great destination blogs among them and two mentions of SpottedByLocals. It's also good to see the categories are not entirely Anglophone.

As for microbloggers (ie members of Twitter), I'm now following all the LP nominees. I'll see what they have to say over the next week before I cast my vote. Interesting to see a Buenos Aires hostel is among them: Hostel Colonia. I've never visited, but perhaps I should check it out. It's amazing how prolific Twitter usage can thrust the little guys into the international spotlight.

For more tips on travel people to follow on Twitter, see the Telegraph's 50 best travel tweeters.
It'll be interesting to revisit this list - and Lonely Planet's - next year to see how things have changed.

But what about here and now? Any sites - blogs or microblogs - these lists have missed?