Friday, 16 January 2009

Some local blogs for the weekend

Desert island blogs: now that's a sign of the times. Following the premise of the long-running Radio 4 show Desert Island Discs - where a guest is asked to pick songs they'd want to have with them if stranded from civilisation - Cool Travel Guide has turned to the blogsphere and selected the travel blogs they'd continue to follow if island-bound. Author Lara Dunston admits that electricity and wifi might prove a problem - and email access means you probably wouldn't be stranded long - but let's just go with it. Especially as Going Local made the list and wants to enjoy the moment. Being deemed one of "coolest travel blogs on the web" by Cool Travel Guide is cool indeed.

What would make my own blog list for a desert island?
Of course, Lara's would be up there for me: lots of great tips, inspiring stories and yet never overlooking the difficulties of life on the road. It's also the site I recommend to those trying to break into travel writing as Lara has covered this extensively.

But what else? Here's my pick of the best local-travel blogs on the web:

Home Exchange Travels Everything you need to know about house exchanges from a New-York-based blogger with countless swapping experiences behind her.

Gridskipper Expert, insider knowledge on a range of world capitals. Always on the button and ultra quirky.

Couchsurfing the world - An online travel journal from DJ Ajam, from Bolton, who is aiming to couchsurf his way around every country on the planet.

Open Couchsurfing The behind-the-scenes blog for those interested in how Couchsurfing really works.

Make Travel Fair Newly relaunched, it's cleaner, sharper and more informative than ever. You can catch some Going Local content on their from time to time too.

And what about all the local destination blogs? The possibilities are endless. Here in Buenos Aires, you can't beat Saltshaker for foodie tips. And, back home in London, much respect goes out to the London Review of Breakfasts, who's author never tires of his quest to find the city's best places for starting the day.

However, when I think about it, would a really want to read about a good fry-up and a perfectly brewed cuppa on a desert island? Maybe I should reconsider ...

[Photo of the Indian island of Lakshadweep. Taken by
Lenish Namath and posted on WikiImages. It's not actually deserted, so does offer internet access if you're a blog addict.]

*Postscript 17/01/09: Vote for your favourite travel blogs in the Lonely Planet Travel Blog Awards.