Friday, 30 January 2009

Couchsurfing the movie

Here it is: a promo by Couchsurfing founder Casey Fenton and sidekick to introduce 'Couchsurfing: the movie'.

Watch and learn, people. And prepare to cringe.

It's essentially a shout-out ahead of a documentary they're planning. They are looking for three Couchsurfers with "inspiring missions". Candidates are being asked to send in a short video message and, if Couchsurfing HQ likes what they see, they'll pick up the tab for your dream trip (or the production company they're teaming with, or one of their partners, will.)

Great opportunity, eh? Except they've made it sound like the most bog-standard travel comp in history. "My inspiring mission? I totally wanna go to the Amazon, and, like, meet local tribes and stuff."

Hopefully, the finished product will be a different story and have a very different style. Otherwise we could be in for two hours of "hilarious" (ahem) tongue-in-cheek comedy, followed by you-had-to-be-there outtakes.

It seems the site with details for video applications,, is currently down.

Which makes me wonder is this sequence supposed to be on the internet at all, or has it leaked? Did they really want to show this to the world?