Sunday, 21 September 2008

Couch surfer: the song

Proof that the word "couchsurfer" was around before 2004-established Here's an extract from Couch surfer, a Bran Van 3000 song released on their 1998 album, Glee. The band come from Montreal, which is the third most active city in the network.

Alongside a refrain of "I'm couch surfing, I'm a couch surfer", choice lyrics include:

"Can I crash at your place again?
Just one more night?"

Plus a finale where the couchsurfer appears to have overstayed his welcome.

"Mind if I eat those chips?
Oh that's okay,
I don't like salt and vinegar anyways.
No no no, I didn't use pay-per-view.
I figured it was free.

Yeah, I'm going.
I'm a couch surfer, couch surfing "

Full lyrics here.